Captives and Self-Insured Entities 


We created a practice group called Captive Loss Miners focusing on helping casualty captive insurance and reinsurance companies with solvency issues rising out of capital requirement challenges, particulary in  Captive Domiciles (Europe, BWI, and Asia) where Solvency II creates reserve adequecy issues. Our services include SCR and MCR modeling, model validation, and stress testing.


We also perform custom analytics, niche deep dives and state of the art claims process modeling and historical loss data mining to investigate and identify changes in claims management causing noise that is missed by typical actuarial methodologies. These operational changes include case reserve strengthening, settlement speed / ratio, closure rates, payment speed, premium rate activity, product mix, claims handling, and exposure growth, etc.


Lines of Coverage


  • Professional Liability

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Directors & Officers Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Auto Liability

  • General Liability

  • Health & Disability Benefits

  • Life Insurance

  • Casualty Reinsurance

  • Mortgage Reinsurance





  • Annual Funding Analyses

  • Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Claims Process Modeling

  • Duration Analyses

  • Exposure Analyses

  • Internal Cost Allocation Analyses

  • Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense Reserve Forecasting

  • Pricing Analyses

  • SIR Retention Limits Analyses

  • Strategic Risk Financing Vehicles

  • Product Development Analyses

  • Tests of Reserve Adequacy


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