Enterprise Risk Management Advisors provides consulting services in advanced analytical risk management, actuarial and data mining solutions to Banking, Insurance, and Marketing CRM industries. We utilize a large  staff of analysts, and interns and provide our clients with quick turn-arounds at reasonable prices.

Mori Batagva started his Risk Management career with Johnson & Higgins Global Risk Management Services in Manhattan, NY in 1988 as an Actuarial Consultant.  His primary focus included Risk-based Loss Forecasting, Reserving and Pricing for self-insured Fortune 100 entities, particularly Captives domiciled in Vermont, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Barbados.  He continued his Actuarial Consulting career with Tillinghast Tower Perrin, Mercer, and Cigna before moving to banking risk management with Citi, Advanta Credit Cards, Washington Mutual Bank. Bank of Hawaii Asset Management Group, and Wells Fargo.

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