Our Expertise

We offer risk management consulting services to banks and mortgage banks, insurance and alternative risk solutions including RRG's and cell / captive insurance, as well as reinsurance companies particulary mortgage reinsurance captives. We also perform CRM and transaction data analytics in various industries like digital advertising, database marketing, credit cards, and retail. 

We serve our clients with risk-based reserving and capital requirement estimations according to BASEL II & III. We have a team of analyst and interns to perform data mining and modeling (PD, LGD, and EAD). Our services include DFAST and CCAR stress testing support, modeling, and model validation.





We created a practice group called Captive Loss Miners focusing on helping casualty captive insurance and reinsurance companies with solvency issues rising out of capital requirement challenges, particulary in Captive Domiciles (Europe, BWI, and Asia) where Solvency II creates reserve adequecy issues. Our services  include SCR and MCR modeling, Claims Process Modeling, model validation, and stress testing.




Buffalo Analytics is our consulting firm specializing in transaction data analytics to identify and understand consumer behavior.


We offer our services to marketing, retail, credit card companies, digital advertising, and database marketing firms.

Banks & Mortgage Banks
Captives & Self-Insured Entities
CRM Marketing
Data Mining

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